Beyond A Doubt Item Authentication

Beyond The Dugout is pleased to offer our customers the protection of our proprietary "Beyond A Doubt" item authentication process.  Each Beyond The Dugout item and its corresponding "Beyond A Doubt" Certificate of Authenticity carry "Beyond A Doubt" holofoil labels with matching serial numbers.  Purchasers can register their items by completing the form below, which will update our ownership database for all future records of ownership.  Item resgistrants will receive a personalized record of ownership, detailing the item and providing a full history of ownership.

"Beyond A Doubt" Authentication Process

Beyond The Dugout works diligently to insure our items are offered with indusputable proof of authenticity.  Items offered by our Starting Lineup clients are obtained directly from our client, his agent, or a team he played for during his career.  Items offered through our Authentic Collection are obtained directly from a team or licensed distributor.  Each item is backed by a 100% Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that certifies your item as authentic in three industry-leading ways:

1.  Client/Team Certification:  For items obtained directly from our client or their agent, the accompanying "Beyond A Doubt" Certificate of Authenticity will be signed by the client, certifying the item's authenticity;  for items obtained from a team, we do our best to obtain team-issued authentication documents and
include these with any purchase;

2.  Photographic Identification:  Each Certificate of Authenticity contains multiple picture(s) of the item it accompanies and, where provided by our client, a photo of the athlete signing the item;

3.  Serial-Numbering:  Tamper-proof "Beyond A Doubt" holofoil seals with matching serial numbers are placed on each item and its Certificate of Authenticity.  The serial numbers are recorded in our database and we make every attempt to record any future transfers of ownership so that future item owners can be assured they have received authentic Beyond The Dugout items.

To obtain a personalized Record of Ownership for your"Beyond A Doubt" Authentic item, fill out the information requested at the bottom of this page.  Be sure to provide the serial number located on the "Beyond A Doubt" label on either the item or its Certificate of Authenticity.

To get in the game, you have to go... Beyond The Dugout

Beyond The Dugout announces Premium Level Authentication!


Beginning January 2012, Beyond The Dugout will begin offering two separate levels of authentication... differentiated by the type of Certificate of Authenticity desired by the buyer. 

Our Basic Authentication will include a full-color, tri-fold brochure with our "Beyond A Doubt Authentic" Certificate of Authenticity on the inside and a "Record of Ownership" on the outside (displayed to the left).  This level will be included for all Starting Lineup items acquired after the 2011 season, and for all Authentic Collection items purchased after January 1, 2012.

For buyers desiring a bi-fold, display-ready full-color cardstock certificate (displayed to the right), our Premium Level Authentication is available for an additional $9.95 (unsigned) or $24.95 (signed by the player/client).

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