Baseball Battle Gear Charity Auction

For the second year, Beyond The Dugout is proud to partner with Chad Reineke, Thad Weber, and Drew Stubbs to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project.  This year's Baseball Battle Gear Charity Auction will offer fans a chance to acquire signed, game used equipment from members of the Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians...and possibly others!  Auction items will be posted to eBay on Opening Day (April 1) and the auction will run for ten days.

This year's auction will include items from past contributors, as well as new donors...including a signed, game used bat from MVP-candidate JOEY VOTTO and a pair of signed, game-used spikes from baseball's new stolen base record holder BILLY HAMILTON!

Auction starts April 1st on eBay!


BTD061600 - Aroldis Chapman Nike Spikes (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946881336                                  
Anticipated Bid Range:  $500-$750

BTD061601 - Zack Cozart Reebok Spikes (Game Issued)
eBay ID # 140946887164
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-250

BTD061602 - Chris Heisey Nike Spikes (Game Issued)
eBay ID # 140946895720
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-$250

BTD061603 - Sam Lecure Under Armour Spikes (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946900167
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-$250

BTD061604 - Tony Cingrani Nike Spikes (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946903836
Anticipated Bid Range: $200-$300

BTD061605 - Logan Ondrusek Nike Spikes (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946882976
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-$250

BTD061606 - Billy Hamilton Under Armour Spikes (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946891012
Anticipated Bid Range: $300-$500

BTD061607 - J.J. Hoover Spalding Pro Select Glove (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946907389
Anticipated Bid Range: $250-$350

BTD061608 - Bronson Arroyo Nike N1 Elite Glove (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946911583
Anticipated Bid Range: $250-$350

BTD061609 - Matt Latos Nike N1 Elite Glove (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946918995
Anticipated Bid Range: $250-$350

BTD061610 - Nick Masset Diamond Elite Pro Glove (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946915654
Anticipated Bid Range: $250-$350

BTD061611 - Sean Marshall Rawlings PRO1000-3KB Glove (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946923168
Anticipated Bid Range: $250-$350

BTD061612 - Jay Bruce Louisville Slugger M356 Bat (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946927892
Anticipated Bid Range: $300-$500

BTD061613 - Corky Miller Louisville Slugger L162 Bat (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946934820
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-$250

BTD061614 - Ryan Hannigan Louisville Slugger M356 (Game Issued)
eBay ID # 140946941901
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-$250

BTD061615 - Joey Votto Louisville Slugger M356 Bat (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946949515
Anticipated Bid Range: $500-$750

BTD061616 - Todd Frazier Marucci TF8 Custom Cut Bat (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946956781
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-$250

BTD061617 - Jack Hannahan Louisville Slugger T141 Bat (Game Issued)
eBay ID # 140946963981
Anticipated Bid Range: $150-$250

BTD061618 - Ryan Ludwick Marucci MR24-M Pro Model Bat (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946970781
Anticipated Bid Range: $200-$300

BTD061619 - Devin Mesaraco BWP Model DM318 M Bat (Game Used)
eBay ID # 140946977182
Anticipated Bid Range: $200-$300

BTD061620 - Sean Marshall Autographed OML Baseball
eBay ID # 140946984059
Anticipated Bid Range: $35-75

BTD061621 - Chad Reineke Game Used Fielders Glove
Auction includes two (2) tickets to a Bats game and a personal meet-and-greet with Chad Reineke
eBay ID # 140946991022
Anticipated Bid Range: $250-350