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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A busy few weeks...
As you can tell from the list of new clients on the home page, the past few weeks have been hectic.  We are excited about the new clients added, along with the awards and promotions achieved by our existing clients.

In the next few weeks, we expect new items from several of our clients, including Jemile Weeks, Casper Wells, Michael Taylor, Joe Dunigan, Jordan Brown, Brett Gardner, and others.  We will get these items listed for our BTD Members as soon as possible, and will post the items for sale to non-members as soon as any member orders are received and filled. 

We are also in continuing discussions with several new agencies about working agreements to represent their clients in the game used equipment market.  We hope this will allow us to continue our phenomenal growth, as the industry endures a significant restructuring in these tough economic times.  According to industry sources, one key competitor has recently closed their doors, and another has decided not to pursue additional clients.  Two other well-known competitors have decided to decrease their focus on game-used equipment, focusing instead on signed collectibles such as photos, baseballs, cards, etc.

What does all this mean?  We feel it means our business model is accomplishing what we set out for it to do...restore fairness and equity to the relationship between collector and player and help stabilize the market by providing quality items at reasonable prices.

Go Beyond!

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